The easiest way to design a beautiful home.


We are an online interior design service that pair you with a friendly designer who can help you bring your space together in your favorite style and budget.


Simply open the door for our setup team on delivery day, and your entire room will be set up within hours.


We also have a move-in package that contains all of the kitchen basics as well as bedding to get your house ready to live in.

Our Services

Exclusive Products

Thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories are included in our catalogue. What’s the best part? Our designers will select the best products for you based on your style, room, and budget.

One-Day Setup

We deliver all of the furniture in your style in one delivery, set it up, and remove all packaging. To furnish your house, you won’t have to raise a finger.

Collaborative Designs

Act one-on-one with one of our in-house interior designers to create a chic atmosphere for your entire home. Tell us about your dream room and how you want it to be decorated!

About Us

We agree that a beautiful home can be had without breaking the bank. We found that the high cost of furniture, as well as the inconvenient nature of design and logistics, are major barriers for most people relocating. As a result, we founded Furnishr and are now assisting a growing number of people in furnishing their entire home from the ground up.

Above all, we are a diverse community of people with a common mission: to make the world a better place.

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